Project Implicit Test Results

Initially, sitting through class on Friday, I was very confused by this method of testing.  I was not sure or convinced that this would accurately test one’s biased opinions or stereotypes of other individuals.   After taking the test, my opinions were only affirmed.

I do not believe this test is an accurate depiction of one’s opinions and associations.  I believe that in this world we are taught that certain words define certain people, and when given the choice between two, we are automatically going to go with what society has instilled in our minds.  But these biased opinions may not match up with our ethics.

For example, I was tested on whether men or women are more likely associated with liberal arts or science.  My results showed that I believed strongly that women were more into liberal arts and men in science.  In reality though, I can’t say this is the case.  Often times men are given more opportunities in science, but if a woman is truly passionate about it she can succeed just as much.  Same goes for men and liberal arts.

I am not a fan of this test.  So while I associate words together, it does not mean I am biased towards them.  If it ethically came down to it, I would handle many of these situations and associations differently.  The way the test is set up, I am not allowed to go with how I truly feel.


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