Little Rock Nine Article Reaction

After re-reading the article, “They Spat in My Face,” and “I Decided Not To Run,” based on the Little Rock Nine students, I really realized how much I respect the reactions of the two reporters.  During a time of such controversy, the two were willing to put their reputation, safety and even career on the line by supporting and caring for the students preparing to integrate the school in Little Rock.

While there is a danger in the first story when Fine, a Jewish reporter, becomes involved, he was only doing the right thing and trying to protect and comfort Elizabeth.  I think it is hard for journalist to decide when it is right/ethical to remain strict with their work, or to venture out and help the cause they are reporting.  I think he made the right decision by helping her, and even underwent persecution and discrimination because of his action.  It is remarkable in any circumstance and profession when an individual is able to step out of their comfort zone and expose themselves in order to serve or help a hurting individual.

I believe Fine exemplified courage and so did Wilson when he chose not to flee from chaos.  As a journalist, you do always have the option to remove yourself from the danger zone.  To retreat to safety and record the unfolding of those suffering in the story without being a part of it.  While sometimes this is acceptable, I find it remarkable and honorable when the journalist get involved and allow themselves to help.  I believe this is the ethical decision and I hope to think that I would be brave enough to do the same.


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