Sandy Hook News Coverage Evaluation

December 14, 2013, twenty six individuals were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.  A school shooting, twenty children lost their lives and six adults.  Clearly, the story is breaking news, but the news coverage took it to the extreme.

The news broadcasted this event 24 hours a day, and just as stated in Joseph Greeny’s article, “The Media is an Accomplice in School Shootings” the shooter was brought to the lime light.  He was named, the crime was in detail, and so was his history.  This “praise” encourages others searching for attention to react with the same gruesome crimes…and we can thank the constant, detailed coverage of the news for that.

In my opinion, I believe this twenty four hour, overly detailed coverage does in fact encourage violence for those in search of it.  By seeing this coverage these disturbed individuals are encouraged to pursue this choice of action…to impact society even if it is not for the better.

Some argue this news coverage is essential. Essential to warn society about what to look out for and how to prevent these incidents.  In my opinion, share this information with those who need to know.  Like in the case of Sandy Hook: teachers or other school staff.  But the world does not need to be exposed to every detail, because this approach could encourage people.  Even if just one person…why risk more harm?


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