Is PETA breaking the Code of Ethics

Holocaust On Your Plate

PETA, an animal’s rights organization which has raise many controversial opinions throughout the years made an extreme comparison in 2003, when they related the abuse of animals as equivalent to the Holocaust.  The campaign is known as “Holocaust on Your Plate”, and it is a sixty foot visual of animals in slaughterhouses intermixed with scenes of Nazis concentration camps.

In my opinion this campaign is not an ethical comparison.  While it is devastating to see the abuse of animals, it by no means should be considered equivalent to the murder of six million Jews…humans.  The campaign has been banned by many Jewish and German communities as well as other locations around the world.  PETA argues the campaign is fine and that their reasoning behind it is because “the same mindset that made the Holocaust possible-that we can do anything we want to those we decide as different or inferior- is what allows us to commit atrocities against animals.”

I believe that if this case was presented on the Defining Issues Test, the majority of journalist would find this campaign as unethical.  In a sense PETA is comparing the abuse of animals to the death of people, which in my opinion down plays the horrific events of the holocaust.

Ethically to avoid this campaign would be to minimize harm.  There are other things which the abuse of animals could be compared to than the holocaust.  The holocaust is already a very sensitive issue so ethically it causes harm to the general public.  The publication of the campaign also caused harm to PETA because it is over such a touchy issue.


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