Story in a Picture



The above photograph was captured by Barbara Davidson.  She created a series of photos of the story which unfolded from innocent bystanders in L.A. caught in the crossfire of a gang related incident.  This particular photo shows blood spattered stains on the concrete in front of Josue and his sister Katherine’s home as they wave down the ice cream truck.  Days prior to this captured moment, Josue expressed these blood stains were from “the bad man who shot” him.

The story behind this photo is disturbing.  To think these young, innocent children have been put in harms way.  And the above photo just stresses their innocence. Some may question if the photo should be published?  Will it send others into extensive trauma?  Was this photo captured with compassion and sensitivity?

In my opinion this particular photo passes the test.  Yes, the photo should be published because it is expressing a true hardship.  It is expressing the importance of putting a stop to gain violence by showing children who have been in harms way.  Children who have to fear to play outside on their sidewalk.  I believe the story encourages intervention to be taken.

Yes, the image may instill fear in viewers, but sometimes fear is necessary for anything to be achieved.  In order to protect these children and the others living in the community, people from the outside need to realize the danger and need for protection.  I think the photographer is exemplifying compassion by posting the photography.  She is raising awareness of the issue which is essential.


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