Politics in the News

Reception of Politics in the News

As entertainment has constantly become priority in today’s culture, media has gone in to a mindset of trying to make news entertaining as well.  No longer do we find people flipping through newspapers, listening to news on the radio, or devoting their attention to 24 hour news segments.

Today’s society is sickened and annoyed by news because it is always blowing up the biggest story.  This causes stations to often get their facts wrong or drag a story out for such a long amount of time that viewers stop tuning in.  There is a new approach, and that is entertainment news.

Entertainment news can be seen from individuals such as John Stewart or Stephen Colbert.  Where often times, especially during big political debates, their segments present accurate informative facts while tossing in jokes and crude humor towards various parties.  I know my generation gravitates towards this way of getting news, and I think it is mainly because our attention spans are short and are always longing to be entertained.  I do not disagree with this approach because the host know they are perceived as crude, and therefore do not get in trouble if they screw the news up.


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