To Catch A Predator


This past week in class, we watched a clip from the series, To Catch A Predator.  As I am not a huge television viewer, I was unfamiliar with this show until this particular class period.  Basically the show is centered on a cop pretending to be a teenager on a chat website who lures in sexual predators.  When the predator arrives at the meeting place with the “so-called teen”, they are surprised by the host of the television show, Chris Hansen, and then arrested.

Impersonating Chris

As my class assignment, I was told to give my perspective of the idea from Chris’ view point.  In my opinion, if I were Chris, I would find this series to be completely pointless.  In my opinion this show is not news worthy and is made specifically for entertainment purposes.

While I am happy to see the predators are caught, I do not believe a television series needs to be made from it.  Some may argue it brings awareness to parents of the dangers of the Internet, but let’s be real, only naive parents would ignore the dangers of the virtual world.  This series is simply mindless television and a waste of time.  Sure, it is clever to catch these predators in this way, but there is no need to broadcast it.  In my opinion the show is humiliating for all parties involved, including Chris Hansen’s.  I would not want to be a part of this program.


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