The World Is A Business (Makeup Blog)

This past week in my Media Ethics class, we viewed the 1976 film, Network.  There is a scene in the film in which they talk about the makeup of the world and what is truly valuable to people.

Here he states how the world has strictly been created into a business.  A “get rich quick” sort of mentality.  And I would have to say I fully agree.  Unfortunately, the world during the making of this movie, before the making of the movie, and still to this day, has lost the true meanings behind the life we have been given and are driven mainly by success and status.

Our world is strictly business.  If you look around, people are constantly rushing from one place to the other, missing the beauty of life just to “make something” of themselves through wealth.  No time to focus on the needs of others, the beauty around us or the simplistic style of living that was intended for man kind to appreciate.

Sadly, this is the lifestyle that is encouraged.  We are forced into believing we need a good degree to be happy or to be ranked high among fellow workers.  While it is key to have good work ethic this mentality of “work/money=happiness” is twisted.  The world is losing sight of true values, and I believe this portion of the movie really revealed where the majority of people’s hearts are today.  Though I do not agree with the mentality, it is reality.


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