Extremes of the News (? # 4)

The Network


In the 1976 film, the Network, it is depicted how the news media likes to take things to the extreme and focus on every grotesque detail in a story.  In the film the media focuses on an individual, Howard Beale, who has lost his mind on the air.  He threatened suicide while on air and the network proceeded to make money off of him and his claims on media.


In my opinion, I believe many news stations continue to take stories and focus on them for long periods of time only to boost their ratings.  That is all twenty-four hour news is.  For example, take the Sandy Hook Shooting.  Yes, the shooting was horrific and news worthy, but to focus on it for days, weeks, and months in some cases is too extreme.  There were hurting families and stress through America as they continuously broadcast the story.  In my opinion, cover the story, and then let it go.  Don’t use someone else’s heartache for success.


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