Case Study Investigation

Capturing a Story, Paying a Price

In 2001, Steve Morgan (British Journalist) and Spanish videographer Jorge Torres, traveled with Greenpeace members to capture their protest of a missile test near Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Greenpeace is an environmental organization who does not stay away from confrontation when it comes to the physical harm of animals.  When Morgan and the petitioners went out, they were arrested by the FBI because of “misdemeanors.”   

Morgan was not going to be a part of the petition, just to capture the event.  It is his job.  Is it appropriate that he was arrested and held in jail for six days?

He was arrested for “trespassing, disobeying orders of a federal officer, and conspiracy.”  But he was just doing a job.  He was not engaging in the petition.

In my opinion, I can see why he was arrested.  He was with the crowd.  But once he clarifies the situation, I feel he should have been released.  This is up for debate.  As a journalist, would I take on an opportunity that could potentially put me in prison?  Not sure I would.


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