What Is My Moral Compass?

Define Please:

Moral Compass: “A natural feeling that allows people to know what is right and wrong and how they should behave.”

Many times in life people wonder how they make their decisions.

  • What do I look to for guidance in the decision making process?
  • What motivates me to act a certain way?



Personally, I look to God as my moral compass.  Through Biblical teachings, life experiences, and the amazing creation of the world, God has affirmed His existence to me and I pursue to live my life the way He designed it.


I believe the above quote really emphasizes the life I choose to lead and how my decisions in every area of life are determined.  I strive to live with honesty, kindness, love, and trust.  I want to have respectable character and ethics in every situation in order to reveal the reality of God to other people.

This lifestyle is not always “popular.”  There are times where I will receive hate towards my actions, but if my life is in line with the truths of the Lord that is all I can ask for.  I hope that by remaining faithful and steadfast in the Lord, He allows my actions and efforts to be used for Him.


One thought on “What Is My Moral Compass?

  1. I think this approach is interesting and common across religions and cultures, although it is described differently. The Hindu term namaste, for example, means something like “I recognize the divinity in me and also in you.” Perhaps if we would all work on letting that divine spark shine through, making ethical choices come naturally.

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