Media Ethics


Do you have ethics?  Not just ethics in general, but ethics when it comes to dealing with the media?

What is Ethics?

Well that is a valid question.  Many would group “ethics” into the same category as morals…but this is not quite accurate.

Morals stem from the realm of religion.  Things like the 10 Commandments.  What is right and wrong?  There is usually only one answer when it comes to morals.

Ethics as defined inMedia Ethics, Issues and Cases,” “takes us out of the world of ‘this is the way to do it’ into the realm of ‘this is the action that can be justified.'”

Ethical Thinkers

There are many models on how to go about determining what is ethical to show in the media.  Some who have impacted the realm of ethics in media include:


Each of these “ethical” thinkers have valid points and steps in determining what is an ethical approach in the world of media.  I look forward to delving deeper into this topic as I believe it will be very beneficial and applicable to everyday life.


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