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And It’s Over


These past three weeks seem like a blur of computer screens, information overload, inspiration, and opportunities.  I am so happy that I was able to be a part of PB And J Term 2014.  Here are a few reasons (ten to be exact) why I enjoyed PB And J Term so much:

New Faces


These three weeks I was forced to talk to some new people.  Get out of my comfort zone and just talk.  And it was nice.  Seeing the dreams and personalities of each person in the room gave me a sense of hope.  I feel like now a days our world is very shallow, but each person in the class had a deep passion and kind heart behind their goals.  I hope they each pursue their dreams and I am able to continue communicating with them.

Travel Talk

Well if I couldn’t find anything else in common with a fellow classmate, all I would need to do is bring up the idea of traveling.  I mean look at some of my fellow classmates blogs about travel and experiencing the world in a different light:

Andrew Graham’s Trip to Alaska

Rachele’s Trip To Jamaica

Marko’s Trips to Greece and Australia

And there are many more in the class who expressed a love for travel as well.  It is awesome to see others who have a heart for understanding different cultures and seeing the beauty of the world we live in.  This class certainly encouraged me to travel more and more.

Talking to Famous Bloggers

Having Jenn Cloud, Jess Leitch, Marisa Latherwas so awesome.  They were all very inspiring and encouraging people.  The above video really hits the point each one of them was trying to convey:

Be yourself.  Do what you love, and try new things whenever you get the opportunity.  Jenn’s above video is so quirky, but it’s what she loves to do.  I hope I am able to accomplish my passion just as her and the others have.

Skyping to Famous Bloggers

Of course I can’t forget to mention the day Scott Strattenasked to Skype with our class to figure out what it was all about.   He offered up some great advice to us.  He encouraged us to build a platform of followers and to pour content into everything we post.  But the platform is of utmost importance.  Sure, you can write something great, but it won’t get noticed if you don’t have a platform.

Field Trippin


To wrap up our time together, we went on a field trip to Switch.  The place was like a giant maze, but we learned about many advertising opportunities as well as internships.  It was cool to see how involved a St. Louis Company is with products like Anheuser Busch.

Honorable Mentions 

Well, the first five things I mentioned were my favorite parts of the class, but there are a few honorable mentions which we can put in the form of the hashtag:

  • #pbandjayterm
  • #fierce #jill
  • #fellowdirectioners
  • #socialmediaoverload
  • #shimerette

And that my friends concludes my memorable experience in the class of PB And J Term 2014!


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