Glimpse of My Passion

A Love For Ecuador

As many know, Spring Break 2013 I was blessed to go to Ecuador with Matthias Lot on a mission trip.  I had been on two mission trips before, one to the Czech Republic and one to Dubai.  While these were both amazing experiences, nothing prepared me for the love I would form in Ecuador.


In all honesty, it is hard to describe my experience.  The country was beautiful:



Rivers (where we bathe btw)

Rivers (where we bathe btw)

City/Mountain Views

City/Mountain Views

All some of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.  But the thing which I found the most beautiful, were the people and their undeniable joy even when they have hardly any possessions.



I fell in love with the children of Ecuador.  We went to the jungle to help build a church there for the people, and while there we held a vacation bible school for the children.  We were able to communicate with one another through our actions and the children radiated with joy every time they saw us.  One of the little girls, Belle would always sit by me.  We couldn’t verbally communicate, but she would just sit by me and smile or laugh.  It was a blessing to see how much she cared for me because we cared for her and her family.

Belle And I goofing off

Belle And I goofing off


I am blessed to say I have the opportunity to return to Ecuador this Spring.  To see the people again and just feel at home and at peace like I did is something I can not wait to experience.  I believe that service is what we as people are called to do.  Just help one another and love one another at all cost.

The simplistic lifestyle the jungle in Ecuador force me to realize how messed up Americans are.  Americans live for money, fame, and recognition, and therefore often stomp over the lives and needs of other people.  I enjoy having the freedom to be away from this materialistic lifestyle when I go to Ecuador and live the way we were designed to live.


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