If I Had To Pick A Niche

My Main Love

For my J-term class, we had to pick our “niche” in the world…you know, what you are passionate about.  I threw around a couple ideas:

So I mean, let’s be real, those are some pretty shallow topics.  Sure, I can rave about each one, and other than dreaming about meeting One Direction or going to a World’s Series Game, I can’t imagine revolving my life around any of these topics.

And Then…

The moment hit me.  I have a passion for traveling.  But not only traveling, I have a passion for traveling around the world, experiencing new cultures, while sharing God’s love through service.  While I’m not yet an expert on this subject, I love mission work and desire to pursue this passion.



I guess being passionate about mission work was not something I ever really “realized.”  It’s more of a passion which was just instilled in me.  My Grandpa was always really involved in traveling to Haiti on mission trips when I was young, and I will always remember just begging him to take me on a trip. The conversation went a lot like this:

Me: “Hey Papa when are you going to take me with you on your trip?”

Papa: “Well Abbie, Haiti isn’t really a vacation kind of trip.  You go there and eat beans and rice.  You go there to serve the people.”

Me: “I don’t care Papa, I want to go.”

Papa: “One day when you’re older.”

Making The Dream Reality One Step At A Time

Since these conversations, I have had many opportunities to travel, and beginning my senior year of high school, I went on my first mission trip to the Czech Republic.


The trip was with my school’s choir and we went into different churches, schools, and parts of the city singing and sharing testimonies with the people of the Czech Republic.  The final evening, I was asked to share my testimony to the largest audience we’d had.  I was terrified, but even despite the language barrier, I felt as if something amazing was happening in my life.  After the evening was over, I couldn’t even remember what I had said, but so many students were coming up after thanking me for my testimony and explaining how it really impacted them.

That was the moment I knew I wanted to continue serving and experiencing God around the world.

Goals In Achieving My Dreams

Because I have realized my passion at a young age, I have tried to be proactive in discovering ways in which I can pursue my dreams.

  1. Go on a mission trip each year of college
  2. Be involved in service opportunities through out the school year
  3. Look in to being a part of the World Race the year after I graduate

So far I have been blessed to achieve the first two on the list through trips to both Ecuador and Dubai as well as serving at camps and church through the year.  While traveling the world takes preparation, I feel it is my calling, and I desire to start living it A.S.A.P.



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