A Word From Marisa Lather

Glimpse of Marisa

Marisa Lather the girl behind @vanillainsocial and @voguerhythym is a marketer and social net worker for Microgrid Solar.   She came in to our class with some important warning as well as tips when it comes to presenting yourself online.  What you post online has the potential to make or break some amazing opportunities in the career world.


What Not To Post

Marisa gave the class some tips on what not to post on the Internet.

“If You Can’t Explain It To Your Grandma, Do No Post It!”

While her above quote pretty much explains all you need to know about what not to post, here are a few more direct tips from her:

  • No Alcohol
  • No Profanity
  • No Risque Photos
  • No Harmful Comments

Now many of these seem obvious, but something she said which stuck out to me was,”Whenever you post something, make sure there is an intention behind it.”

So while I am not one to post crazy photos of myself or crude comments, I always want there to be a purpose behind my post.  Something which reveals my true thoughts and feelings.  Some content which I believe will effect other people in a positive and supportive light.


Positive Post

While there are things which could potentially cost a job when seen on the Internet, there are also post which can help secure a position.  Some of these “positive postings” include:

  • Awards and Accomplishments
  • Special Skills
  • Volunteering
  • Hard Work/Late Hours


“Make Sure To Represent Your Best Self To The World Around You.”

But I…

But you what?  You still want to show you have a fun and maybe a little bit of a crazy side on your social media sights?  Something Marisa encouraged us to do was create two Facebook pages, one for business and one to express ourselves.

Also, stay up to date on your privacy/accessibility on each of your social media accounts.  Limit who views your profiles, and also keep an eye on what your friends post about you.  You need to be the one in control of your personal brand and sometimes friends can taint that image when they post things associated with you.

In short, Marisa is encouraging us to just be smart.  Once you post something on the Internet, it can never just disappears.

Now To the Fun Stuff

Aside from all of her helpful tips, Marisa also appears to be a fun and enthusiastic individual.   She is into fashion, which is apparent on her Twitter page, @voguerhythym.
As well as her Pinterest boards.

Marisa has had quite a bit of success and encouraged us as a class to pursue this success as well.  She highly encouraged us to look into a paid internship at Microgrid Solar, and was very open to answering questions thoroughly and honestly.

Wrap Up

I really appreciated Marisa’s visit and her honesty.  She told us what could potentially benefit our ride to success and it is now in our hands to take her advice and apply it to our personal brand.  Thank you for your time!

Thats all


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