Thank You Jess (400 Word Minimum)

It’s Jess


This morning in Personal Branding, Jess Leitch walked in the room dressed in a large cheetah coat, carrying boxes of yummy doughnuts for the class.  In just that moment glance of her, it was easy to tell what her personal brand is:

She is someone who loves fashion, enjoys bringing joy to others, and forces you to wish that you were just as cool as she is.

For someone who doesn’t know Jess, she is a graduate of Lindenwood University, fashion; DIY; and city blogger of City in A Jar, and recently began working for St. Louis’ Alive Magazine.


I have to say, seeing Jess as a fellow LU student with the same major is really encouraging.  She has been able to accomplish so much in a short amount of time, and she gave many tips on how to accomplish one’s goals as a young individual who is not one hundred percent sure of what to do in life.

Tips To Live By

  • Be Original: “Original content is much better than curated content.”
  • Build a community.  But once you have a community, realize “your time is no longer yours.”
  • Say Yes! “Just saying yes is the best thing you can do for trying everything.”
  • Blog if you like it. “What led me to being recognized was consistency and forcing myself to blog even when I didn’t feel like it.”
  • Give credit where credit is due.  Credit everyone because all deserve the benefits.


Check This Out

Along with her words of wisdom and advice, she gave the class some opportunities as well as cool things to check out.  She encouraged us to find our niche and put ourselves out there.  Here are some things she advised us to look at in order to better our journey:

Take Away

I really enjoyed having Jess speak to the class.  She is so humble and encouraging.  She has had success thanks to this class, but I can tell she fully believes we can have that success too.  With hard work that is.  I appreciate her encouraging us to apply for internships as well as giving out names of people to connect with.

Something that both her and Jenn Cloud told us to do was seize each opportunity, and try something new.  Even when it may be a little scary.  This is something which I have already tried to apply to my day to day life and it is really awesome to see the changes I have already experienced.



4 thoughts on “Thank You Jess (400 Word Minimum)

  1. I read your description of my personal brand and thought “who is that girl? i want to know her!” I’m really glad you enjoyed the talk so much. You should definitely come out to some SMCSTL events to network – i love introducing people!

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