Jenn Cloud

Attention Graber

“Wow, You’re Practically Naked!”

This is one of the phrases Jenn Cloud, an online marketing and video consultant, choose to open up her PB and J Term discussion with, and it certainly grabbed the crowds attention…not to mention she had chocolate which is the way to a college student’s heart.  But through her opening statement, Jenn was able to establish her personal brand as well as her quirky personality in the classroom.  I immediately was pulled in to her story and eager to hear how at a young age she was able to gain so much success in social media.


Importance of Being Up To Date With Social Media

As the usage of technology has increased, Jenn makes a valid point when she said to the class, “What goes on online is as relevant as what happens in real life.”

Online we are able to keep up with current news, create our personal brand, and even make a difference to other people.  A difference will be made through how we establish our life online, which is why establishing a positive personal brand is so essential.

Jenn is one who has clearly made a name for herself through videos with Vantage Credit Union and through her Twitter page as well.  From what I gather, she is a hard worker, who makes work fun and is able to appeal to today’s generation.

Show Up, Man Up, Screw Up


The above quote is certainly a focus of Jenn’s day to day life style.  She says, “in order to make a difference in this world, you have to start small.  And the only way to do that is to do something that scares you each day.”

When you thrust yourself out of your comfort zone, you discover who you are.  And sure you may mess up, but the mess ups are what make you who you are and should motivate you to keep going.

One thing Jenn was not shy about, were her failures.  She shared when she was fired from and advertisers “dream job,” only to discover that job wasn’t right for her and she would not be as happy as she is today if she was still there.

Don’t Forget Hard Work

In order to establish your personal brand, it requires a lot of hard work as well as support.  Her advice was to blog.  Blog every day.  Blog seriously and be patient with it, because it may be years before you gain any notice or have a direction for how you want your blogs to go.


My Take Aways

I’ve mentioned what really stuck out to me in Jenn’s presentation, so now I’m just going to reiterate the things I took away and can apply to my life.

  1. Establish your personal brand everywhere.  On Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Offline…literally everywhere.
  2. Do something new and a little uncomfortable everyday.
  4. Don’t be afraid to start with small dreams and work my way up to achieving the bigger ones.
  5. If I’m ever knocked down, look at it as a lesson and get right back up and work even harder.

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