Content With Content

Me As A Consumer

Much of my time spent on the web does not revolve around finding valuable or useful information.  In fact, this is what the majority of my web browsing consist of:

  • Get on Facebook and scroll through my news feed for the tenth time in a half hour.
  • Like every picture on Instagram without even gazing at the (often time mindless) photos before me.


  • Pin an infinite number of ridiculous wedding ideas.


  • Or glaze over Google for top news stories. (And when I say glaze I mean literally look at the news for two seconds and forget what I saw two seconds later.)

The way I use the Internet has made me believe that it is harmful to society and just mindless entertainment.  Before this class, I don’t believe I was really contributing any beneficial content to the world through my online interactions.  Which is sad, because I have a lot of ideas I’d love to share.  But the few days I have spent in my J-Term class have helped me see that the Internet can and should be used positively.  Why waste such a technological phenomena?

Me as the Creator


The Internet is a place of creativity.  And those who use the Internet wisely are the ones who have overcome the fear of criticism and rejection.  And that’s what I am looking to do in this class.  Be one hundred percent myself both on and off line.

What Am I Passionate For

If I could get any message across to a mass number of people over the internet, the message would revolve around the idea of service.  I believe the content which needs to be displayed is content with meaning and moral.  Something which someone can take and apply to their life to better the community and themselves.

Getting Personal With Branding

The video just shown is a clip taken from an eleven month mission trip known as The World Race.  This is my dream.  My niche is in missions and striving to serve the Lord globally, and I believe this would be an amazing opportunity to challenge me and push me beyond my limits.  But it would be the most rewarding experience.  The possible sickness, missing of home, and constant culture shocks would no doubt be challenging…but only temporary.  After the eleven months is all said and done, I will have had the experience of a lifetime.

In order to promote this as my niche, I need to make it prominent in my blogs or posts on other social media sights the passion I have for serving.  I have already been on a few mission trips and love sharing my experiences.  So what is stopping me?  No need to fear rejection if I am promoting something I love.

sheweh(Sheweh, a young boy from my Ecuador mission trip who just beams with happiness even though he has next to nothing)

What Do I Desire My Blog To Be

I am looking forward to returning to Ecuador this upcoming Spring Break, and I hope that I can make many of my journal entries in to blogs.  I can then blog about the aftermath and how I continue to serve in the United States.

Some Links To Look Over

And that’s honestly the only inspirational site I really look at currently. Hope I can add more by the end of this class!


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