What’s So Special About a Personal Brand

personal brand                                                                                                       Initial Thoughts  

Before I sat down in my J-term class, Com 39013, I had no idea what an online personal brand was.  Call me silly, but I thought I would be creating my own product.  Like the brand Nike or Cover Girl.  Little did I know, I would be creating myself online.  By being apart of the virtual world, I create an appearance; communication skill level; knowledge; attitude; character; and reputation for myself and all of virtual users to see.  A bit scary, especially when one does not know the importance of creating a positive personal brand.

My Social Media

Before this class I was a user of Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, but I did not use any of the sites frequently.  I found them to be pointless.  But after the few days I have spent in class, I have realized that each social media website can be used to thrust one’s name in to society in a positive light.  I have discovered that personal branding is “the process whereby people and their careers are marked by brands.”  So while I did not use my social media websites to their full potential, I already have an online personal brand.  A way which people can perceive my life and aspirations by simply viewing me on social media sites.

Proof It is Important

Be Active

So, I see now how important and valuable an online personal brand can be.  What’s next?  Next, I need to become more active and intentional with each one of my social media sites.  There are many success stories of people who have gone from the “average” individual to well known millionaires thanks to their unique and powerful online brand.  And while many of these people are now extremely wealthy, often times that was not their initial motive with becoming active online.  Their motive was to do something they love.  And they did.  They actively pursued their goals and ambitions and made them known by using online resources.  As mentioned in an earlier blog, A Bit About Me, I revealed that I am passionate for travel and serving the less fortunate.  As many know, this is not a lucrative business and many people would discourage against it.  When researching some individuals who have gained credibility through the personal brand, I came across one of Jess Leitch’s blog post on Connecting STL.

How Her Post Inspired My Personal Brand

She caught my attention when she said, “I’ve had a lot of people tell me it is impossible to do this, but I think they’re wrong.”

determinedHer decision to go against the norm and then post it was really encouraging to me.  It was inspiring, and that’s what I want my personal brand to do as well: Inspire people.  Many are afraid to rise up and defeat the doubts of other people.  All they need is the encouragement that someone else was brave enough to conquer the impossible and that someone else was praised by society.


In conclusion to this week, I have decided to become much more active online by posting stuff of value.  A goal for the weeks to come is to blog outside of assignments and express my goals and aspirations.

Till Next Time,



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