Project Implicit Test Results

Initially, sitting through class on Friday, I was very confused by this method of testing.  I was not sure or convinced that this would accurately test one’s biased opinions or stereotypes of other individuals.   After taking the test, my opinions were only affirmed.

I do not believe this test is an accurate depiction of one’s opinions and associations.  I believe that in this world we are taught that certain words define certain people, and when given the choice between two, we are automatically going to go with what society has instilled in our minds.  But these biased opinions may not match up with our ethics.

For example, I was tested on whether men or women are more likely associated with liberal arts or science.  My results showed that I believed strongly that women were more into liberal arts and men in science.  In reality though, I can’t say this is the case.  Often times men are given more opportunities in science, but if a woman is truly passionate about it she can succeed just as much.  Same goes for men and liberal arts.

I am not a fan of this test.  So while I associate words together, it does not mean I am biased towards them.  If it ethically came down to it, I would handle many of these situations and associations differently.  The way the test is set up, I am not allowed to go with how I truly feel.


Little Rock Nine Article Reaction

After re-reading the article, “They Spat in My Face,” and “I Decided Not To Run,” based on the Little Rock Nine students, I really realized how much I respect the reactions of the two reporters.  During a time of such controversy, the two were willing to put their reputation, safety and even career on the line by supporting and caring for the students preparing to integrate the school in Little Rock.

While there is a danger in the first story when Fine, a Jewish reporter, becomes involved, he was only doing the right thing and trying to protect and comfort Elizabeth.  I think it is hard for journalist to decide when it is right/ethical to remain strict with their work, or to venture out and help the cause they are reporting.  I think he made the right decision by helping her, and even underwent persecution and discrimination because of his action.  It is remarkable in any circumstance and profession when an individual is able to step out of their comfort zone and expose themselves in order to serve or help a hurting individual.

I believe Fine exemplified courage and so did Wilson when he chose not to flee from chaos.  As a journalist, you do always have the option to remove yourself from the danger zone.  To retreat to safety and record the unfolding of those suffering in the story without being a part of it.  While sometimes this is acceptable, I find it remarkable and honorable when the journalist get involved and allow themselves to help.  I believe this is the ethical decision and I hope to think that I would be brave enough to do the same.

Sandy Hook News Coverage Evaluation

December 14, 2013, twenty six individuals were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.  A school shooting, twenty children lost their lives and six adults.  Clearly, the story is breaking news, but the news coverage took it to the extreme.

The news broadcasted this event 24 hours a day, and just as stated in Joseph Greeny’s article, “The Media is an Accomplice in School Shootings” the shooter was brought to the lime light.  He was named, the crime was in detail, and so was his history.  This “praise” encourages others searching for attention to react with the same gruesome crimes…and we can thank the constant, detailed coverage of the news for that.

In my opinion, I believe this twenty four hour, overly detailed coverage does in fact encourage violence for those in search of it.  By seeing this coverage these disturbed individuals are encouraged to pursue this choice of action…to impact society even if it is not for the better.

Some argue this news coverage is essential. Essential to warn society about what to look out for and how to prevent these incidents.  In my opinion, share this information with those who need to know.  Like in the case of Sandy Hook: teachers or other school staff.  But the world does not need to be exposed to every detail, because this approach could encourage people.  Even if just one person…why risk more harm?

Is PETA breaking the Code of Ethics

Holocaust On Your Plate

PETA, an animal’s rights organization which has raise many controversial opinions throughout the years made an extreme comparison in 2003, when they related the abuse of animals as equivalent to the Holocaust.  The campaign is known as “Holocaust on Your Plate”, and it is a sixty foot visual of animals in slaughterhouses intermixed with scenes of Nazis concentration camps.

In my opinion this campaign is not an ethical comparison.  While it is devastating to see the abuse of animals, it by no means should be considered equivalent to the murder of six million Jews…humans.  The campaign has been banned by many Jewish and German communities as well as other locations around the world.  PETA argues the campaign is fine and that their reasoning behind it is because “the same mindset that made the Holocaust possible-that we can do anything we want to those we decide as different or inferior- is what allows us to commit atrocities against animals.”

I believe that if this case was presented on the Defining Issues Test, the majority of journalist would find this campaign as unethical.  In a sense PETA is comparing the abuse of animals to the death of people, which in my opinion down plays the horrific events of the holocaust.

Ethically to avoid this campaign would be to minimize harm.  There are other things which the abuse of animals could be compared to than the holocaust.  The holocaust is already a very sensitive issue so ethically it causes harm to the general public.  The publication of the campaign also caused harm to PETA because it is over such a touchy issue.

Story in a Picture



The above photograph was captured by Barbara Davidson.  She created a series of photos of the story which unfolded from innocent bystanders in L.A. caught in the crossfire of a gang related incident.  This particular photo shows blood spattered stains on the concrete in front of Josue and his sister Katherine’s home as they wave down the ice cream truck.  Days prior to this captured moment, Josue expressed these blood stains were from “the bad man who shot” him.

The story behind this photo is disturbing.  To think these young, innocent children have been put in harms way.  And the above photo just stresses their innocence. Some may question if the photo should be published?  Will it send others into extensive trauma?  Was this photo captured with compassion and sensitivity?

In my opinion this particular photo passes the test.  Yes, the photo should be published because it is expressing a true hardship.  It is expressing the importance of putting a stop to gain violence by showing children who have been in harms way.  Children who have to fear to play outside on their sidewalk.  I believe the story encourages intervention to be taken.

Yes, the image may instill fear in viewers, but sometimes fear is necessary for anything to be achieved.  In order to protect these children and the others living in the community, people from the outside need to realize the danger and need for protection.  I think the photographer is exemplifying compassion by posting the photography.  She is raising awareness of the issue which is essential.

Politics in the News

Reception of Politics in the News

As entertainment has constantly become priority in today’s culture, media has gone in to a mindset of trying to make news entertaining as well.  No longer do we find people flipping through newspapers, listening to news on the radio, or devoting their attention to 24 hour news segments.

Today’s society is sickened and annoyed by news because it is always blowing up the biggest story.  This causes stations to often get their facts wrong or drag a story out for such a long amount of time that viewers stop tuning in.  There is a new approach, and that is entertainment news.

Entertainment news can be seen from individuals such as John Stewart or Stephen Colbert.  Where often times, especially during big political debates, their segments present accurate informative facts while tossing in jokes and crude humor towards various parties.  I know my generation gravitates towards this way of getting news, and I think it is mainly because our attention spans are short and are always longing to be entertained.  I do not disagree with this approach because the host know they are perceived as crude, and therefore do not get in trouble if they screw the news up.

Krochet All The Way/5207.5

The 5207.5

The cool weather stretching across the United States as well as the new “hipster” craze have created two popular reasons for wearing beanies.  While stylish, colorful, and comfy, the 5207.5 has something more to offer…a story.

The Krochet for Kids was created to help individuals in a government camp in Uganda have the opportunity to make funds of their own through the art of crochet.  The ability to provide for their family independently is life changing for the individuals put in the camps.  And by purchasing the product, you too can make an impact in a huge way.

The 5207.5 is 20% wool and 80% acrylic, named after the beach house where the journey of Krochet for Kids began.  The cap is made with love, and is more than a cover up on a bad hair day.  Rock the style, support the cause.